Spanish For Children

We offer SPANISH CLASSES FOR CHILDREN from pre-Kindergarten to Grade 9.

The students receive comprehensive language and cultural training. Small class sizes provide the opportunity for more individualized attention. Students’ needs and interests are considered and integrated to the curriculum.

Classes are held on Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM — 87 hours of instruction per year beginning September 17th, 2016 until the end of May 2017, except long weekends and PD days. (See our 2016 School Calendar for details).

Students can experience Spanish culture through our Talleres, or workshops. Children can learn Latin American music, instruments and dances. We have an excellent group of experienced Latin American musicians and dancers for our Talleres.

As part of our curriculum, all students (adults and children) are exposed to diverse Latin American cultures through exhibits, partaking in ethnic food from different Latin American countries, music classes, and many other social events.

Pre-Kinder, Kinder, Grades 1 to 9:  $375 for the whole year.